What Happened

Well, there used to be this web site here right? It was for my illustration work, and it had about one zillion images up. I had put it together in 2010-2011, and I was posting an image a day for a long time (mostly old images I had lying around, but still). It was on Wordpress. Ah, there's the rub. It was on Wordpress. It used an off the shelf theme, the default theme, or what had been the default back when I started the blog. That got me down. The theme looked fine for a blog, but I had a big pile of art there. I would like to have modified it but my html-and-css-slinging skills are weak (despite my job), and Wordpress themes are complicated and messy to create. At one point, in a fit of poor judgement and and semi-depression, blew it away, leaving nothing but a placeholder (like this one, but just a few sentences long). I told myself I was doing it to force myself to restart from scratch and do a cooler web site, probably one with one of those Static Web Site Generators the cool kids were using. Static web sites are awesomely old school. (Like me, right?)

It never got rebuilt. It stayed there for a couple years with nothing more than links to some sketches I'd done for Inktober. Only recently have I made any progress on a replacement, and that has been mixed.