Progress continues on the site. I've been messing with all those gory ruby details… installing it in various places (my macbook, dreamhost, a digitalocean droplet I'm considering using). What version of ruby? Install with rvm or rbenv or something else? getting everything "bundle"d correctly? Can I make it build from a git post-receive hook? If not why not? Why the hell does blog software need a javascript runtime to build, I'm not doing anything with javascript?

It's all progress, all goood.

Huh, apparently Middleman blows up if I put a date in the front matter that's different from that in the filename, and these conflicts can be caused by using middleman's article creation command and not having your time zone set…. good to know…

Middleman, I liked it a ton right away and got started with it and it did cool things, but it's throwing up a certain number of challenges along the way. I think I'm equal to them if I want to be.