Esperanta muziko

There is a TON of music in Esperanto. Here are a few artists I'm familiar with. All of this is available through Vinilkosmo, which sells CDs and MP3s and now also has a streaming service. Which of course I'm subscribed to. :)

One thing I notice, listening to a lot of Esperanto music, is that you’ll often find somebody who’s just "the Esperanto version of _____". So you’ve got stuff like Solotronik’s "Maŝine Dance" which is a techno track overlaid with a person saying "dance like a machine, dance like a robot,” again and again in Esperanto. (I’m gutted that that’s not on youtube to link to). Or you’ve got the rapper “La Pafklik,” who’s so very gangsta in Esperanto. (I can’t make out most of what he’s saying because he talks too fast, but I’m sure it’s very fierce. “Pafklik” is the sound of the trigger on a gun.)

It reminds me of Christian Contemporary music, where you’d have baptized versions of various musical styles, like 70s-80s bro-rock in Petra, or hair metal in Stryper, or new wave in Steve Taylor, and…. all of my references for CCM are from the 80s, I’m afraid.

Anyway, it’s a similar deal, a lot of Esperanto music seems like somebody took some other style of music an waved a magic Esperanto wand over it. But you know, that’s OK. Some of it’s pretty darn great anyway. And there are some that just seem like their own original thing to me, like Persone/Martin Wiese, whom I dig the hell out of….

Persone / Martin kaj La Talpoj

Jonny M + Tone




That's enough for now. I'll be back with more.