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  • a microblog

    I just set up an instance of Known on so I can try out indieweb type stuff without throwing a hundred plugins and special themes at this poor long-suffering wordpress site. No guarantees I will actually do much with it but it’s there.

  • Geoguessr

    If I haven’t mentioned it before, let me praise Geoguessr. It’s one of my favorite things to do on the internet, especially with friends on a weekend night, me streaming the game I’m playing, so everyone can watch and try and figure out where we are. The premise of the game is: you are in […]

  • A Show Only You Remember

    Meme from Twitter: “Reply with a show, which you think you’re the only one who remembers it.” Me:

  • Status update

    Hello world! Just dropping in to my little-used wordpress install to see what’s up. It’s a grim time in the world right now. War abroad, inflation everywhere, and a rollback of human rights at home at the hands of an increasingly fascist right wing movement. I don’t have any glib comment on that, it’s just […]

  • Ah well

    I didn’t get far in Inktober. It was a busy month in real life. Maybe next year!

  • Randomly Accessed Memory: Hocus Focus

    This is what Nickelodeon had to offer circa 1980. A show which was just a bunch of random short films — in this case, two films about plant care, an animated version of the Giving Tree, and a surreal trippy animation that I can’t even sum up — but the frame story was that a […]

  • How Blogs Broke the Web

    Ain’t it great when you start to suspect a thing is true and mutter about it to other people and then someone comes along and expresses it in more detail and better than you ever could? Yeah, that just happened. How Blogs Broke the Web. I would add: Static Site Generators don’t really change anything […]

  • no seriously, tiddlywikis

    Why do I have this wordpress site when I could just just have a tiddlywiki. We’ll see if the obsession persists.

  • TiddlyWikis

    I’m kind of obsessed with Tiddlywikis right now. I had heard of them a whole lot of years ago, and I knew that some people got really obsessed with them, but I’d never looked into them very deeply. But a couple weeks ago at work, I needed a tool to help figure out how some […]

  • Inktober – Day 25 – TASTY