How Blogs Broke the Web

Ain’t it great when you start to suspect a thing is true and mutter about it to other people and then someone comes along and expresses it in more detail and better than you ever could? Yeah, that just happened. How Blogs Broke the Web. I would add: Static Site Generators don’t really change anything… Continue reading How Blogs Broke the Web

no seriously, tiddlywikis

Why do I have this wordpress site when I could just just have a tiddlywiki. We’ll see if the obsession persists.


I’m kind of obsessed with Tiddlywikis right now. I had heard of them a whole lot of years ago, and I knew that some people got really obsessed with them, but I’d never looked into them very deeply. But a couple weeks ago at work, I needed a tool to help figure out how some… Continue reading TiddlyWikis

Lynda Barry on “I Can’t Draw”

Zippily animated-annotated bit where Lynda Barry talks about how & why people think they can’t draw (and the trouble with people thinking they can draw).

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Inktober 2019 Day 30 – CATCH

I’ve been starting with pencils on all of these but I didn’t have a pencil handy, so I was just like “WE’LL DO IT LIVE!” and started scribbling with this new pen I got the other day.