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Hello world! Just dropping in to my little-used wordpress install to see what’s up.

It’s a grim time in the world right now. War abroad, inflation everywhere, and a rollback of human rights at home at the hands of an increasingly fascist right wing movement. I don’t have any glib comment on that, it’s just what’s happening.

In my own world, I’ve been to the hospital for a couple procedures, none of which was dangerous or momentous. Just getting a little older, stuff needs to be looked at and taken care of.

I’m in a new job right now. Still web dev. Ruby on Rails, primarily backend work. Good people.

I am looking back at this site, where I had fantasies of making it a web site full of art and illustration, but the sad truth is I don’t do enough art or illustration these days to make much of it. And that’s OK. I don’t have to Be A Real Artist, I don’t have to try to be like the artists I know and admire on the internet. I can just live my life and do art if and when I feel like it, for me. And if I decide to share it that’s fine too.

A lot of people are getting off of Twitter because they think a site run by Elon Musk is going to be even worse than a site run by Jack Dorsey, and they’re probably right. There’s no clear better place to be right now. Mastodon is neat but suffers from the fact that it’s trying to be completely server-neutral, like email, but also have individual servers be small communities, like old fashioned web forums. That makes it confusing to know how to deal with it. Do I need one address or many? Should I post on one topic, germane to my home server, or whatever I want?

It seems like the more successful servers are more community-based, or at least, there seem to be some community-based servers which are very pleased with themselves…. is one full of Self Identified Hacker People. Seems nice enough; I ended up following/followed by people there a while back, it’s fine but despite being a programmer I am not a Self Identified Hacker Person. There’s a really nice server for esperantists at Good people there.

There’s also, which I’m on. Search for my name if you want to connect there. There seems to be very very little activity so far. As in, I’ve literally never seen anyone I follow there post.

I guess that’ll do for now. Just thought I’d post to the ol’ blog.

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